Why Should You Go With Two-Factor Authentication


Two-Factor-authenticationSecurity is always a factor that every business is considering before opting for a new technology, especially for those who are dealing with data of millions of customers. Since cyber crimes are on the highest peak, everyday technologies are emerging in order to avoid such crimes.

But cyber criminals are very smart and they are continuously acquiring new techniques and ways to crack security measures.

Out of them, there are many methods that are really effective. The method of protecting resources using two-factor authentication is one of the safest ways.

It is a method of web authentication where users have to prove their identity twice to get access to the resources belong to them. Users can prove their identity using two of the three things mentioned below.

  • Something they have: mobile phone
  • Something they know: password or any other secret answer
  • Something they are: biometrics

If the user gets success in passing any of the two factors mentioned, he/she will get the access.

It is very likely that some of you may have already encountered with 2FA. Whenever we try to make any transaction via online banking, we have to enter a one-time password (OTP) that has been sent on our mobile phone to proceed further. This is the most common way of 2FA.

Why two-factor authentication?

Even if one of the factors failed or hackers get success in stealing credentials, the second factor is there to guard resources. The additional layer of security blocks fake authentication. In other words, we can say that 2FA reduces the chances of someone trying to pretend they are you and trying to access resources without your consent.

Many big websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter have already advised their users to activate two-factor authentication. The 2FA method has become the favorite of users for whom security is the top priority.

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