Why do people abandon their shopping carts?

Shopping cart abandonment are like torment to entire ecommerce industry. You devote a great amount of time to select the products you want to sell and design a great website to merchandise those products. Customers visit your website, choose what they want to buy and add them into the cart. Then suddenly without any clue they leave your site, and abandon hence abandoning their carts.

According to stats, 69.23% is the average rate of online shopping cart abandonment, which is not at all a small figure. This huge rate of shopping cart abandonment is a big reason of frustration among online retailers these days and they are scratching their head to know why customers abandon shopping carts.

shopping cart abandonment

Well the reasons can be many, here I am outlining some of them. Just have a look!

Complicated checkout process!

The checkout process should be as simple, quick and smooth as possible.It should be short with limited form fields that are relevant and don’t annoy your customers. If you force your customers to fill out too many forms and bias them to perform too many unnecessary actions then your customers are impatient enough to abandon your cart and leave your site.

Extreme high shipping costs or slow shipping!

Obviously people are not ready to pay off shipping charges that are higher than the overall amount of your cart. People prefer online shopping because they get goods delivered to their doorstep and get some discount at the same time. But extreme high shipping costs increase the price and take away their motivation to go ahead with the entire purchasing scenario.


No listing or late listing of shipping costs!

Mostly, online retailers are aware of the fact that high shipping rates are a big no so they choose another way to add this cost. They wait for the customers to add products in the cart and then add shipping cost to the overall amount of your cart at the time of checkout which is another big reason of your customer’s frustration.


Lack of payment option!

In the world there is no dearth of payment options and no shortage of debit and credit card companies. Many ecommerce companies fail here as they provide only one or two methods of transaction which is a big reason of the increasing shopping cart abandonment rate.

So these are few reasons to consider and by taking care of them, one can easily cover up his/her shopping cart abandonment rate.





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