Top wordpress plugins every website should have


WordPress itself is a benchmark system but its plugins take it to the next level. Adding best WordPress plugins can make WordPress into the Swiss Army Knife of websites.

People search for top WordPress plugins to install in their sites during their initial phase. In the post below, we list the top WordPress plugins that most of the webmasters use on their site. This list can change over time with new plugins and features launching.

WP Rocket:  This plugin is for caching. It makes sites perform more than user expectations.

It caches static part of a website and serves them from an external caching server.

Every site should be cached to get the maximum performance for every user and location.

Nested Pages: This plugin is helpful for those websites which are growing large and larger.  Need to move around some pages comes with lots of new pages getting created. A decent site structure helps Google to crawl your site in the most efficient way. Nested Pages uses drag-and-drop interface to maintain that site structure.

WordPress social share: This plugin helps visitors in sharing website content on their social media profile. Whether it is a page, post, image or any media, share it all with social share buttons for wordpress.

SEO Plugin: SEO plugins are essential to determine and implement SEO changes on the website. A plugin like ultimate seo is capable of determining many onpage changes and suggesting what’s best for the website.

Page builder Plugin: Page builder plugin helps in creating pages for the website. You can design every type of page, whether it is a landing page, product page or home page. Generally themes do not have templates for a page except homepage, so you cannot give much customization to them. Drag and drop Page builders for WordPress helps you create awesome pages just by dragging and dropping elements on the page.

AMP: With vast increase in the number of mobile users, AMP is replacing regular mobile version of websites. It makes website more user focused and faster. If you have a blog, then get going with AMP pages, it offers great user experience compared to responsive web design on your website.


Any image compression plugin: There are many plugins for performing image compression.

It depends on website, what plugin works the best. Plugins like Smush, EWWW,, etc, are helpful in efficiently compressing images on website.


These are some of the top plugins which every WordPress website should have.


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