Top 4 ways to drive insane amount of traffic from Reddit!

Reddit, the new content monster with billions of page-views per month has grown so much over the past years that people started calling it “the front page of Internet”. It is because every single news out in the market flies into the Reddit instantaneously. Reddit with every possible sub-Reddit in the list can help your blog to get insane amount of traffic, if you know how to make a post on Reddit.

If you are reading this blog, I am sure you are aware of the Reddit Karma system that prevents spammers and everyone who tries to self-promote their business here. Gaining a Karma point It is totally based upon the way you make a post on Reddit either text based or link based. Adding a link and getting an up-vote for that post will add a link Karma in your account and the same concept goes with a text based post. Now you must be wondering why so much explanation on these Karma points. Well, the more Karma points you have, the more authority and bigger rank you hold within Reddit which adversely means more reach and traffic to your post to get better rankings.

Reddit tips

Gaining Reddit karma points and driving traffic from Reddit is not that simple. Here are some techniques that’ll make you understand the concept of “how to get traffic from Reddit.” So let’s have a look!

Make your Title catchy!

Unlike Pinterest and Instagram, Reddit is totally text driven. So to grab attention of the audience you really need to put your primary focus upon the title of your post. The more catchy or attractive title you write for your post on Reddit, the more visitors it will attract.


Share content from different websites!

Confusing? Yeah, Reddit is not for those who are always after promoting their content and those who does so are most expected to fail at Reddit in terms of getting traffic. So it is always advised that after creating an account, post interesting content not only from your blog but also from others as well.


Follow the Reddit rules!

Reddit is very strict on its rules. So before posting anything here, go through its rules segment at least for once. And also keep a note that different rules are there for different sub-Reddit. So save yourself from getting banned and follow all the rules mentioned in the policies.


So for the time being, these 4 tips are enough to get you started. Drop your comments and let me know what you think about them.





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