Top 4 recommendations after installing wordpress


Often newbies are confused after installing wordpress on their website. They are confused regarding the roadmap to a fully functional and optimized wordpress.

There are many tips and tricks available on internet to create a complete and optimized  wordpress but the content is scared or not in flow.

In this post we will tell top 4 recommendations inflow to do after installing wordpress.

Work on website speed: Website speed is a priority after installing wordpress. If a website isn’t fast, people will abandon it. Depending upon the priority of visitors they may choose to leave quickly, if they are in hurry else will give some time and eventually leave if the experience gets worse.
Website speed is directly associated with user experience. Fast be the website, good will be the user experience on the site. Increase wordpress website speed to create a good user experience for the users.
One of the many ways of increasing speed is by using CDN, using a caching plugin and compressing images.

Securing  the website: WordPress being a cms cannot be considered highly secure. There are many factors which are associated with hacking of a wordpress website and one of them is lack of basic security measures.
Out of most of the wordpress sites hacked, many of them were fresh installations which were not using any basic security measures.
Hence basic as well as advanced security for wordpress matters.

Security can be implemented manually as well as by using plugins.

Plugins like sucuri, wordfence are recommended plugins to use in your site.

Optimize images: Optimizing images is helpful in rankings and user experience. Images are one of the major contributors in terms of space. Traditionally they occupy more space compared to other elements on the website.
Decreasing image size can significantly increase website speed as well as performance. Use plugins like wp smush to compress both existing and new uploaded images on the site.

Additionally assigning correct names, description and title to images can boot chances of rankings in search. Rename image relevant to the page/post will add extra benefit in terms of relevance and help help search bots to know about the image.

Using comment luv: Comment luv is a blogger friendly commenting plugin. If you have a blog then use commentluv to enable commenting. Along with commenting it also helps a blogger to know about people commenting.
As a backlinking technique, blog commenting becomes very easy compared to traditional way of commenting.
These are the top 4 recommendations i would like to share after installing wordpress.

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