Tips to Prevent Tax ID Fraud

The world has gone digital, and most of the services are accessed via internet. Just like identity

In real life, internet also runs on identities. Due to increasing level of internet, cyber crimes also increased. Identity theft became a common cyber crime, hurting millions of internet users with leaving in physical and mental pain.

Number technologies and platforms like SSL Certificate, identity as a service, OTP authentication etc., has helped reducing cases and attempts.

As the focus shifted to online, offline frauds got new channels and tactics to exploit customers who became more focused on their online life.

Tax ID fraud is one of the biggest frauds which people face today. Fraudsters are using very clever tactics to get hands on personal information and submit false tax claims.

Tax identity fraud takes place when a criminal files a false tax return using a stolen Social Security number in order to deceitfully claim the refund.

The return is filed early in the year and victims are unaware until they file a return and discover that one has already been filed in their name.


Here are few tips to save yourself from Tax ID Fraud.

File early: File your tax return as soon as it’s possible, giving criminals least time to utilize stolen information to file a false return.

File on a protected Network: If online medium is used to file returns, then consider using a secured medium such as password protected wifi or protected mobile hotspot. Using a shared connection like a restaurant’s may increase chances of identity getting stolen.

Find a Trusted tax preparer: Search for a legitimate accounting person who can do taxes.

Beware of phishing scams: Scammers try to seek sensitive information by impersonating the IRS. IRS never contact via email, text or social media. If the IRS needs information, they will send a mail first.

Hope these will help in staying safe and away from Tax ID Fraud.


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