Tips to get massive traffic from Reddit to your website!

Can you imagine that while you are spending hours to post on Facebook or Pinterest and trying to seize some eyeballs to your website, Reddit “known as the front page of internet” can get you thousands of clicks within that time span. Yes Reddit, you must have heard about this platform unless you are hiding under a rock for last few years.  What you may not aware of is how this huge platform drives this much of traffic to your website.

Reddit is one of the most active internet communities having 250 million users all around the world with 8 billion monthly page views is surely a great booster for your website traffic. So as a business you definitely can’t afford to lose such a potential source of traffic for your content. So just dig in and find some best tips to understand how to get traffic from Reddit.

Have a look!


Pick a relevant subReddit!

Reddit is all about subreddits. It is like a category section where people gather and discuss on a topic related to that particular category. But before being a participant in a subreddit think about your intended audience. For the convenience of the users, there is a search bar at the top right corner of the Reddit dashboard. Type in your keyword and get a full list of suggestions.

Follow the rules else get ready to be banned!

Don’t follow the advertising trend blindly on Reddit. Always remember Reddit is for consumers not for businesses. And consumers today want quality not some messed up advertisements. Every subreddit has its own set of rules and anything against these rules can ban you. So post wisely!

Timing is key!

Well, obviously you don’t want your link to get lost in the /new section of Reddit. Timing is one thing that can save you from this. Check what timing is most productive when your audience hang over Reddit and post your content.

What to do after submitting your link to Reddit!

Posting a link is not enough only. For better results you need to be in constant touch with your audience. Respond their queries on time and if they have any question on your link, give them an answer. This will not only give your link a lively look but also increases the credibility of your link.

So these are my primary steps to drive traffic to my blog. If you also find them useful, implement them and let me know how much you earned from this blog in the comment box below.

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