Tips to gain visitors from social media platforms

Social media is a platform where any user from any corner of the world can interact, share content and form community. It is a platform with varied diversity and interests. With huge user base, it has capability to boost content and make it viral.

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Social media also works as a platform to check trust, social trust. Whenever someone come across any business or brand, they look for its presence on social media.

As internet evolved, search engines came into existence. Every day, a website goes live, which made competition tougher for websites to rank on search.

In order to fight with search engines, search engine rolled out certain announced and unannounced rules to filter websites.

Social media being one of such factor, traffic from social media became importance than before. More are the visitors from social media, higher be the chances of getting ranked. Below are few tips which can help in gaining visitors from social media platforms.


Capability of sharing on social media: To get traffic from social media, most of the website owner’s copy paste content from their website and then share it. The same process goes for their visitors as well.

Unknowingly, it is causing disinterest among their visitors, because every time they want to share something, they have to copy and paste it .

As a solution for this, social sharing buttons should be used.  There are many sharing providers which provide free social share buttons for websites.
Using it, visitors can share efficiently with just one click.


Attractive images Some social media platforms and users are obsessed with images. They are mostly dominated by images.Using attractive and relevant images can help in attracting people to visit your website. Before clicking the images, make sure you are using right theme for your social media.

If your website has bright colors, then choose brighter shades to complement other images.

Create/use emotionally attaching /attractive images which suits the title. Such images directly connects with your social media users and trigger certain emotion.


These are the few tips which has to be followed in order to gain visitors from social media.

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