Tips to Drive Traffic to Your website


Driving traffic to your site can be both, easy and difficult. If you have a well planned but a poor strategy you may not succeed. Proper strategy and implementation definitely gives good results in a long run and that’s what is important for driving traffic too.

Nowadays markers are trying their best to drive traffic to their websites in-order to increase conversions and sales.

Here in this post I am going to explain about some simple and effective methods that will help you in driving enormous traffic to your website.

Blog Commenting

Commenting on blog posts of other bloggers and business blogs is one of the best methods to build relationships and increase awareness about same or related niche website of yours.

Along with it, it also helps in driving traffic and getting a backlink.  Search for such website and blogs where you can comment and are similar to your niche.

Sharing Plugins

 They are important if your website has a blog. Social share plugin on a site helps readers share your content on social media platform in the form of a social media post.

People generally do not have enough time to open new tab and paste your content for sharing. Implementing social media plugin enables visitors to share post via share buttons alongside post.


This is one of the best method to get traffic and backlinks too. Although it is the best but it is also very time consuming. Creating infographic related to your niche with insightful statistics can attract lots of information seeking searchers. Along with that you can also share it on some image/infographic sharing website to get more traffic from.

People can also embed your infographic on their blog, this means more audience your infographic will get. Along with content, do add sources for information added in infographics.

Utilize Social Media

To promote a brand, social media is the best place to promote. Your posts are already making to social media via social share buttons, but what about your brand? Being on social media is also important so that users can find you and engage.

There are so many social media platforms out there on internet, but before opting social media platform, do research about its audience because not all social media platform and audience are same and will deliver same result.


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