Three must avoid wordpress mistakes for everyone


WordPress has become the most common CMS that everyone uses, from developers to bloggers. This is not because of its user friendliness but because of its versatile nature; anyone can develop a single page website to a complex ecommerce website using wordpress themes and plugins. WordPress has a huge library of plugins and themes for different purpose.

Though it is effortless to use wordpress but still one can expect some mistakes which everyone can make. In a hurry, one can forget or neglect minor things which may lead to absence of some functionalities, security gaps and performance issues in a long run.

In this post we will discuss three such mistakes which you might be doing.

Choosing the right platform:

Most of the beginners are confused between and As a beginner you have to first understand your needs, like what you would want to do with a website and how much funding you have for it. is a free platform for everyone who wants to start. The site is hosted at wordpress sub-domain. gives resources to create own website using wordpress.

For more on choosing the right platform between and, read this resource.  

Forgetting adding Social sharing button:

If you own a blog or have a blog in your website then social share plugin for wordpress is very important. Social share plugin will display social share buttons near your opted contents. Using social share buttons, Contents like posts, images, videos etc. can be shared on social media in one click.

Most of the business blogs and some blogging websites are not using social share buttons on their blogs and that is one of the big mistakes they should avoid.

Using many plugins:

Using many plugins is not recommended, until and unless there is no alternative to it. The reason behind prohibiting many plugins is that most of the plugins consume resources and it directly affects website’s performance.

Look for alternatives which consume low resources or can be implemented manually.

These are some mistakes which you should avoid using while using wordpress.

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