The best wordpress security tips for you


WordPress has been most favourite cms for most of the bloggers as well as designers. Currently powering 25% of all website on internet, its security is must. There is lots of content available on internet regarding wordpress and its security but with time things change.

In this post I will be declaring some of the security tips which you can implement in your wordpress website to improve its security.

First tip is changing your default table prefix. By default table prefix is wp_.

This prefix will be added to every wordpress table in database. Database being the core part of WP for storting values, will save entries there.

Database is a critical part of any website. Its table values too share the same nature of security.

If anyone wants to target your website, they obviously will try to compromise database and try to target database tables.

So change the default value to any value like datb_ or sit_. Also do not use website name or initials because they are the second guess.

Second is to change your default login URL. By default it is wp-admin and is a direct target to execute any brute force attack. Changing default path can be a tough task if done manually and can even break the system if something go wrong.

To do it efficiently you can choose a plugin from numerous plugins available at wordpress plugin directory.

Third is by hiding your wp-config file. Wp-config.php file is an very crucial part of a wordpress website. First it holds the access credentials to your wordpress website. Secondly by modifying wp-config.php you can make alterations into wordpress functionality, which upon compromise can hamper or crash the website.
Go through Advanced wordpress security tips to know more about it and its execution.

Last is a firewall. To protect a website from hackers, DDoS attacks, sql injections etc. a firewall is must. Firewall can be considered as an extra layer of protection to your website which works round the clock and protect your website.

These are some of the tips which can help you secure your wordpress website from getting hacked. I hope you will implement the suggestions.

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