The best Google doc extensions for startups!

Google drive is itself a complete package for everyone who love to work in clouds. It is a great alternative for businesses who have remote teams working together and don’t have a word processor and any other application from MS Office suite. This application of Google allows you to make documents, presentations, excel documents and more, that too without adding up an extra pile of software load on your computers.

Google drive addons

Despite of being in cloud, Google drive has a huge range of third party extensions that hysterically extend your productivity that you possibly can never imagine with your personal office suite. With the right add ons, this Google drive can do wonders and can add a real value to your startup. So let’s have a look at some of these amazing Google drive add ons that are pretty useful in creating, editing and sharing documents.


With this add on of Google drive, you are able to make conference calls directly from your Google document. Isn’t it a one step ahead feature in bringing cooperativeness? It is definitely an amazing trait that adds voice to a text document and not even this only, you can also save such conversation for future.


When you compose a document in multiple languages, you keep open in another tab and all the copy paste thing is a kind of inconvenient for people like me. The alternate option for this is this Google doc add-ons- Translate. Basically, It just adds the Google translate website tool inside a panel in Google docs.

Twitter curator!

This add on allows you to save your tweets inside a document plus it also allows users to search, filter and organize them. To enable this add on, just login to your Twitter account and click on the “connect to add on” tab.

Hello sign!

Well you need to sign a document online, Hello sign add on is there to help you. Hello sign keeps your signature in a box and then you can simply drag and paste this box of signature wherever you want to place your signature in the document.

And when you want other people to sign your document, just mark an area in your document to let them know where to sign and enter their email addresses in the panel of Hello sign and then they will get the document by Hello sign’s servers that also clarifies the method of placing a signature online.

So hurry up fellas, get these awesome add ons installed and enhance your feasibility. Also, don’t forget to drop me a comment in the box below.


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