Single Sign-On Solution Using Pass-Through Authentication

Providing seamless web-authentication that too while keeping credentials secure has becomes one of the nightmares for online businesses. They are investing thousands of dollars on this. But still, they are not getting success in managing credentials. They might be using the wrong approach or missing something. But one thing is sure, they need to take an action as soon as possible if they wish to make their business alive.

Hope you well know about the concept of single sign-on solution. It is not a new solution, many online businesses with multiple websites and applications are already using this approach for keeping and managing their users data or credentials secure. The method provides a seamless approach to users to get authenticated into multiple resources of the same business by logging to one of the resources falls under the same roof. This saves their time and improves the experience.

In this solution, the data is stored on cloud. Although, keeping data on cloud is a safe option but still many businesses want to keep it in on-premises. For them, there is a solution named Pass through authentication(PTA). This solution is for them who doesn’t want to store data and credentials outside on-premises but wish to store them on their local active directory.

Well, this is a great option. Businesses don’t need to rely on some external service providers for managing their data anymore.

In this solution, when a user enters his credentials to login to a resource then these credentials are sent to PTA connector. PTA connector validates the credentials against the local active directory and finally, the result is sent back to Azure AD where the result is either allowed or blocked. Therefore, in this method, no passwords are stored and authenticated in the cloud.
Businesses can use pass-through authentication with single sign-on solution for multiple resources. The approach will drive the same experience and level of security as it was associated with the sso solution with outside providers.

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