How Single Sign-On Saves You From Password Reuse

Passwords are very important since they are like a gateway to all the resources we have. Our data is protected with these tiny little gates. Data is like treasure and data pirates are trying their best to get it. Although passwords are an important part to keep our data secure but because of complexity, they are not easy to remember. We have dozens of websites to deal with and have dozens of passwords to remember. So, most of us use the same password for almost all the websites and resources we access. Experts frequently stated that reusing passwords is giving an invitation to data thieves, so do not repeat passwords. Using the same password for multiple resources increases the chances of data breach. The attacker only needs to put little effort in getting a combo of username and password and they get the access to all of our resources.

Let’s explore how web single sign-on solution saves you from password reuse. As the name suggests, single sign-on is a solution through which a user can log on to multiple resources and websites using only one set of ID credentials. If a user is working in a firm that has already implemented SSO solution to its systems then he/she does not need to create separate account on each website. If a user is log on to any of the related website then he will be  automatically logged in to other resources without authenticating again. That means no more new usernames and passwords and no need to reuse passwords. Single sign-on simply reduces the number of passwords and limit it to one. The solution also improves security.  With SSO users only need to create one password and can create a strong one.  Authentication is completely managed by encrypted tokens and it is totally SAML-based that makes the solution more difficult for hackers to crack. So, implement the solution to protect your users from the danger of password reuse.

PS: SSO helps businesses to keep users credentials secure and allows only authenticated user to access the services. Along with security, boosting business reach is also important. Local listing or citation is the best ways to improve online presence of a business.

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