social media plugin to rescue your wordpress site from low traffic


Low traffic is a pain for every website owner. With less traffic, situation is equivalent to no traffic where a website’s growth is stuck and will likely to die soon.

There is no difference between WordPress sites and non-WordPress  sites except one is made in WordPress and other isn’t.

Ethics and tips are same for both the websites and the difference lies only at implementation level.

Modifications and additions are very quick and easy in WordPress websites because of plugins.

WordPress  social media plugins are specially developed for enabling social sharing on WordPress websites. It comes as a plugin in WordPress plugin directory .

What social media plugins do?


Social Media plugins shows social sharing plugins on WordPress sites. They can be enabled on different parts of a WordPress made website like in gallery, portfolio, single image, product, video, audio, page, category etc.

After enabling them, social icons starts to appear near above mentioned areas and help visitors to share them on social media.

Enabling them decrease visitor’s efforts while sharing content, hence saving their time and increasing user experience.

How social media plugins can help rescue my WordPress site?

As mentioned above, social media plugins help visitors in sharing website content on their social media profiles.

As a content reach to anyone’s social media profile, the content is visible to its friends and followers.

Their friends and followers become a new audience for that content which is unique from content’s audience when it is on website. That means more and more content is shared on social media, more unique audience it will be exposed to.

If they will like the content, then it is possible they will drive back to website, increasing website traffic.

Along with it, it also increases user experience on website which leaves a positive impact on them.

If a website has social shares in and more than double digits, it will automatically generate a sense of popularity among its visitors, and this may make them follow and subscribe, indirectly increasing traffic on website.

This is how social media plugins can increase traffic to your WordPress site.

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