Single Sign On : New Age Registration Automation

Automation is the use of various control systems for operating equipment with minimal or reduced human intervention, according to wiki. In IT world automation definition is same, and the control system are softwares, which automate processes, whether it is uploading your pics on Facebook or complex BigData Analytics, things are automated and balanced.

Single Sign On is one of such technology marvel, a beautiful piece of automation in IT. SSO enables users to login to multiple web properties which is owned by a single business entity , in a single login. Users need not to login multiple times for every separate web property, owned by a business. This is a kind of automation where you are automatically getting logged in everywhere using a single sign in process.

Other benefit of this automation is that data centralization is made easy.  Centralization of data from multiple web properties, to create a unique persona of a customer. Persona is created by selecting multiple data points from various of data points available, like age, location, interests etc.

Data points are standalone single entities which can be arranged in any manner, forming a new profile criteria. Combining such flexibility and automation allows interlinking of a single customer on different web domains of a parent owner, and profiling them.

Data from multiple properties can now be centralized in form of profiling, where data of a single user, registered on multiple properties can be collected, analyzed and stored forming a unified persona.

Unified persona is something which is in trend now, a result of automation which is widely used in marketing and by marketing teams of a business.  

Registration automation for mobile devices, now has been upgraded from SAML to Oauth. Previously SAML was used for authenticating users using web browsers and mobile devices does not support SAML. Mobile Applications use OAuth, and no support for SAML made SSO unsupportable.

SSO on mobile devices is  supported only when user access SSO implemented site via web browser, and was no support to mobile applications.

With booming mobile industry and increasing user base made it mandatory to provide support for mobile devices also. So instead of SAML, Oauth was used , as Oauth supports browsers and applications.

Summing up Registration automation, Single Sign On is a technology which provide seamless user experience and additional functionality to websites which are owned  by a single business. Best example for Web SSO is Google services. Once you login, you are automatically logged in to other properties of Google like, mail, calendar, analytics etc.

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