Rejuvenate your wordpress with these wordpress maintenance tips


As the time passes, the performance of a website goes down. It happens with every website, irrespective of platform built.

Almost everyone with a website runs monthly or bi-monthly or may be yearly maintenance, depending upon the website type.


After the website is created, it becomes a general mindset that the website will be there, performing the same way it is performing now. But it isn’t the true all the time, with time several junk values and data starts to accumulate on server as well as in database, which generally decrease the performance of the site.


In this post we will discuss some of the best wordpress maintenance tips which can help you to rejuvenate your site like it was first time.


  1. Automatic Updates: wordpress releases core updates, which generally includes performance fixes, bug fixes and compatibility issues. These fixes are generally reported by users and the development team at wordrpress. So it is essential to apply them as soon as possible.

    It is always recommended to install these updates as they arrive. You can install it on a test development server first to ensure the compatibility with the update, then release the update on the live server.

    If you are not regular on your wordpress dashboard use, then you can set the update to automatic. So whenever there is an a rollout, your site will automatically update itself.  

    To enable automatic update, simply add this code in wp-config.php

define(‘WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE’, true);

  1. Database clean: Cleaning database is a good practice to clean out junk and keep your heart healthy. Database is the heart of a wordpress website, and alike human heart, if cholesterol gets accumulated, whole body suffers.

    The practice of cleaning database depends upon type of website you have. If you run a ecommerce portal, then it is definitely recommended to have maintenance cleanup once a week, compared to a static website which can easily live up to the same performance with a yearly cleanup.  
    WP-Sweep is a wordpress plugin which cleans wordpress database like a pro. Install it and get the job done.


These are the two maintenance tips which can rejuvenate your wordpress website.

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