Pro Tips for smooth website migration!

Website migration is surely a daunting task for any business and the bigger your website is, the more complex your migration will be. Your search engine visibility and incoming traffic is what that get much affected by this whole migration thing. Your website is getting you enough traffic initially, but are you sure it will remain the same post migration. Any problems or potential downtime during migration can cost a business both the customers and the money.

Basically, your site migration should aimed for your performance enhancement but sadly, after migration you simply are occupied in damage limitation. So what should be the smoothest way to migrate a website from one platform to another? What are those tips that can minimize the damage caused by migration? Here are some of those Pro tips especially for our dear marketers. So just hold on and see what’s there!

Backup you data:

Well the most essential thing to do before moving a website from an old server to a new one is to create a backup of your entire files. These backup files are downloaded in a compressed format and it is highly advisable not to unzip these files. As once you upload these backup files to a new server, they will automatically get decompressed.

CMS familiarization:

This point I guess should come on the top of website migration checklist. If you are moving your site from one CMS to another then make sure you already have some knowledge about the new CMS. If you are familiar with the new CMS then you and your web development team can quickly and confidently add or revise content from day one. So no delays equals to no loss on an opportunity.

Do not cancel your hosting plan before completion of migration:

Well, I must say this is an unavoidable issue. Many site owners commit this mistake and cancel their ongoing host plan with their old server before the website is completely transferred to a new web server. The reason behind this is the slow process of migration and obviously you do not want to lose on your potential customers during the downtime. In spite of canceling an ongoing plan you can inform your current web host that you are moving to a new host in advance. In this way you can let your customers carry out their transactions from your old web server only.

So these are some very basic tips one should always keep in mind while initiating your web migration campaign. And if you already started one then share your experiences in the comment box below.

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