Old school web design trends you need to bid bye now

Do you know, just like fashion, trends in website design also don’t say forever and just like holding on to old fashion trends can make you look stupid, sticking with old web design trend can also make your business look stupid in the world of smart technologies. In this article I am going to cover up five old school web design trends you need to bid bye now.

Say bye to too much text :

Okay, okay we all know storytelling can really help your business but focusing more on visual storytelling can help you to grab user attention in a much better way. Having text heavy website can work against you. If you think having lots of text on site is a must for you, then make sure to add interesting graphics too. A great combination of interesting content and eye catching graphics will make you good to go!

Say bye to complicated registration process :

Gone are the days when users used to have the time to fill long registration forms in order to gain access to website. With technology becoming smarter, audience is being wiser. 75% customers leave the website on being asked to go through time consuming customer registration process. So instead of bombarding your visitors with a 10 field customer registration form, allow them to sign in using their existing social media account. It will not only simplify the whole process but also provide you reliable customer profile data. Social Login has become increasingly popular in the past few days and it’s the time you too integrate it on your website.

Say bye to senseless navigation process :

Users want everything quick. If the visitor on your website is not able to find out what to do next quickly, he will leave! To make sure it doesn’t happen, create a simple navigation bar that stays on either the top or the left hand side of every page making it easier for the user to browse your website.

Say bye to poor color contrast and too many font style :

Okay I understand that making your website look attractive is important, but don’t overdo it. Choosing too bright colors will not do any good to you. Similarly trying out too many font style will make users annoyed. Simplicity works best. Don’t be afraid to try new things but make sure it doesn’t look over.

Say bye to mobile unoptimized websites :

I have said it before, I am saying it again! This is the age of mobile and if your website still makes your mobile users go away, you need to reconsider your marketing strategies. Use responsive web design and make sure your website performs well on all kind of devices. You can also read here how you can create a seamless mobile experience.

So friends, these were the dying web trends, you need to say goodbye to! Did I miss any other web trend which has gone out of date long before? Do mention in the comments below!

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