Make Authentication Easy By Reducing Passwords

It is not easy to authenticate to a website or resource. User has to enter his username and password for that. On daily basis, we have to access many websites. Now imagine, how much time it would take if we authenticate to each of the websites. Let’s say, at least 2 minute is minimum required time for authenticating to a website. That means if there are 15 websites, it will take half an hour, just in authentication. This is a great loss of time. It also affects user’s experience. So, we need some solutions that can help us from the situation. In this article, I am going to list down some solutions that help users to authenticate in a very simple way.

Social login:

Today, we all have accounts on different social media networks. Social login is a solution where users get the permission to access a website using these social media platform. They don’t need to enter their credentials. This makes the login process easy and saves their time.

Single sign-on:

Well, social login allows you to access a website using your social media account. Now, suppose you are working in an organization where you need to access multiple websites. For all that, you need to authenticate individually. This will definitely, leads you to frustration and degrade your efficiency. Web single sign-on is the perfect solution here. The solution allows you to access all the resources that fall under the same umbrella by entering credentials once. You do not need to authenticate to websites individually. Login to one resource is enough to access all. Just one click of the mouse and access to all resources. The solution also saves time.

Biometric authentication:

You may also call this method as passwordless login. In this, users do not need to enter anything. They can get the permission to access resources by providing thumb impression, voice, or retinal scanning.


So, friends, these are some technologies that help users to reduce the password count. If you have other methods, please mention them in the comment box.

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