How well do you know your customers?

Do you understand your customers? Yes, you might have assumptions about their demographics, buying habits, etc but what I am talking about is the hard data? Do you actually know your customers? Beyond the basic assumptions of who might your customers be, there is actually a whole new world of information that can take your marketing efforts to a whole new level.

Sounds great, isn’t it? But when you practically start working on this strategy, the first question, you ask is “WHERE DO I START??” Basically, the key lies in getting reliable as well as accurate user data which will help you out with a more personalized experience for your audience as well as better conversion rates and higher revenue.

The article here covers some sure shot ways to get reliable customer insights :


  1. Utilize customer records :

    Do you want to acknowledge your customers without driving them crazy by asking numerous questions? In that case, customer records are your best friends! After all, you already have this data at your fingerprints so why not utilize it? This data will make you understand what are your customers’ buying habits, frequency of purchasing and above all, what are they buying! This will help you to identify your customer value.

  2. Hidden power of social profile data :

    As long as you have the permission of your customers, social media profiles of your customers have plenty of data that you need to analyze. Data fetched through social media profiles will provide you real time first party data taking notice of which will let you know what perception customers have about your brand. Analyzing this data will help you to predict the next step the customer is going to take. However you must be transparent about how customer profile data is going to be used. Being transparent and trustworthy will benefit you with precious customer insights.

  3. Social media analytics :

    Everyday numerous users choose to connect with brands on several social media networks. By doing in-depth social media analysis, you can cultivate long term relationships with your customers. In general terms, social media analytics refers to the monitoring and analyzing the data gained by social activities of your customers. Social media, if used efficiently can be a great source of reliable customer insights.

  4. Web Analytics tools :

    Web analytics tools like Google Analytics, can offer you surprising insights about how customers interact with your website. Using this data, you can learn more about what interests more to your customers and how you can build long term relationships with them.


No doubt, there is plenty of data available out there, the success lies in how efficiently you analyze it in order to get reliable customer insights.


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