How to write a killer Instagram bio in 2017?

Have you ever spot an Instagram profile in your stalking period and though “ohh, this is exactly like me” and instantly start following them. Yeah, this happens to me a lot of the times that I merely see their feeds and add them to my following. Their profile bio is what that gets my attention the most and left me wondering how this person is able to write such a killer bio.


Well in this article we will walk you through how to write a Instagram Bio that makes a great first impression, that tells what exactly your business does and convinces a new visitor to click on the “follow” button at that instant only. So let’s get started with our learning!

Tip #1:  Add your name!

According to experts, adding your name (not your Instagram username) must be the first step towards creating a killer Instagram bio. This is because people who search for you on IG will likely to use your name or your business name. And Instagram on the other hand consider your name and your username only in its search queries. So you can see it is necessary to add your name in the bio.

Tip #2: Your skills!

The main purpose of an Instagram bio is to explain what your business does. So to stand out on Instagram for a particular skill, profession, hobby or Interest, Don’t forget to include it in your bio.

Tip #3: include Keywords!

Including Keywords in your bio won’t give your Instagram account more searchability but it definitely gives your account a focus and help you connect with others who are interested in your content.

Tip #5: Include your website link!

Instagram is very strict with its policies and allows you to create only one clickable link that is only in your bio unlike other social networks. Businesses can use this link opportunity to direct traffic to your homepage or a specific page but for ecommerce businesses this is kind of big challenge since they can’t put a hot link to each product they post on Instagram account.

So these are the basic etiquette to write an Instagram bio, let me know if you want to add something into this.




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