How to use Slack for better communication in business?

The Slack Guide

Slack is often stand as “email killer” as it almost eliminates the internal email communication among the employees. It is actually a “messaging app” that make communication easier between co-workers and offer some extended features to improve collaboration.

Slack dashboard seems different to each person depends upon the channels they are a participant of. Basically, Slack offers three features:

Channels:  On slack you can create different channels for your different projects, topics, or a conversation currently going on within a team. These are also termed as “open channels” and everyone who is a participle of that channel is able to see what is going on there.

Private channels: These are the channels on Slack, which are meant for sharing confidential information with a few team members.

Direct Message: This is the exact alternative for email. You can search for your co-worker quickly and can send him a direct message.

Apart from these there are some more things that you can do with Slack like:

  • You can drag-drop and share your files within a conversation. You can even add comments, starr them or search for these files later.
  • You can also add a link for Google drive spreadsheet or dropbox and they will get sync with your Slack. And you can use them anytime later you want.
  • You can integrate your other apps with slack and can save yourself with a number of switching between different accounts. After the integration you will be able to get notifications within slack that makes it a one-stop platform.

Getting started with Slack!

To use Slack, first visit and enter your email address. You will then pass through a number of web pages asking for the following:

  • First, you have to name your overall slack account.
  • You are then given a slack URL that is used by your whole team for sign in.
  • Set your username that your co-workers will use to find you within slack.
  • Now check your email to set your Slack password.

And that’s it you are all ready to slack. Now you are ready to send invitations to your co-workers. Now when your co- worker will accept your invitation you can interact with them and use the above mentioned features for increased productivity.


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