How identity is the key to omni-channel marketing?

Think of the situation when you are walking down the street and someone approaches to you and say “Hey” but you can’t remember who is he? May be you are really good with faces but bad with names like I am. After an hour you realize you know that person and wrote a quick mail to that person feeling annoyed. Well that’s no way to build a relationship. In this kind of situations ultimately both parties feel bad about the experience they just had.

Well this is the human case where such things are very common but if this happens with big brands where they make a connection and forget them. If a brand or an online business is habitual of such thing then certainly it won’t grab a good reputation in the giant digital world. To have an everlasting online image, a brand should posses some key skills like capability to identify its audience, recognizing whether these are current customers, prospective customers or just someone who may never be a customer. Along with this it should also be able of personalizing their engagement with the brand. Having all these skill sets is definitely a crucial task but it is important as we are rapidly moving towards an omni-channel ecosystem.

In this modern world of digitization, a single consumer can interact with you via four different devices. On each platform they have any number of apps that they access regularly. Identifying and recognizing someone across all these channels is not at all a easy battle to fight. But don’t worry, solution is right here in the form of Omni-channel marketing.

This newly born omni-channel marketing strategy will let you centralize all the information gathered from universe to provide a seamless experience regardless of the channel or device. Omni-channel marketing is a way of experiencing the services from a customer’s point of view. This process of viewing every customer as an individual irrespective of the channel through which they are interacting is termed in the market as Single Customer view. And one more thing to add is a scalable identity management platform that is considered to be the backbone of this entire Omni channel marketing strategy.

A customer identity management solution can help you to build a unified single customer view by aggregating your customer profile data from multiple operational channels. Moreover, this effectively ensures that there is just one single customer profile that reflects all your relationship summaries across multiple channels regardless of which team either your mobile app team or web team  is communicating.

It would be great if you own a cloud based application for this huge data management like several others which are already exist in the market such as DropBox, Google SpreadSheets and FileZilla.

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