How Customer Identity Management Fits In Marketing Trends Of 2016

Okay, you must be knowing this but I have to say this, Technology and Marketing of today revolve deeply around each other, popularly known as Martech. The involvement of technology to the world of marketing is increasing day by day. But the transition is still not completed yet as unlike some businesses who have already crossed the bridge, there are some companies who are in the process of adapting martech to grow their business. But the experts say, they will also cross the bridge by the end of this year. This article is the vision in the direction of what are the marketing that are floating or will float this year.

But unlike marketing trends that keep changing every year, customer expectations remain the same. The only thing that is needed to change is the approach businesses are marketing themselves. In general, below are some things customers expect from businesses :

  • Hasslefree customer experience
  • Personalized experience
  • The use of usability and accessibility
  • Reasons to be loyal to brand
  • Getting rewarded for being loyal

Looks quite easy by reading, right? Well, it’s not!

Digital marketing is all about connecting with customer through all the digital channels customers are using to access your website. Online marketing is not just about merging technology into marketing, but it is about creating the right tools that can manage your marketing stack. A great user experience can be delivered only by the comple stack and we all know, a customer identity management solution lies in the centre of the marketing stack. Every online business who is customer focused, needs customer identity management solution, the reasons are as below :

  • A customer identity management platform will provide you the very much valuable customer data.
  • It will help you integrate the data from various channels in the centralized manner.

Marketing is changing and the latest marketing evolves all around customer identities. But to harness the power of customer identities, businesses will need a tool to manage this identities which explains why Customer Identity Management platform is the bridge businesses need to use to complete the transition and survive in the future of marketing. Still confused? Okay, let’s analyze the top marketing predictions of 2016 :

  • CRM will become more important for businesses.
  • Businesses will become more serious about data driven marketing
  • Importance of unified customer view will be like never before

Now let’s analyze these predictions one by one.

  1. Customer relationship management will become more important :

Did you know a happy customer can give you around 23% increase in the sales. The latest marketing approaches will rely on technology platforms to get the whole data together rather than monitoring  pre as well as pro conversion activities manually. The interface of customer identity management trend will measure both the pre and post conversion engagement and provide you the reliable customer data to do so.

  1. Data driven marketing will gain more importance :

Data driven marketing is one of the biggest trends that will redefine the future of marketing after all it is all about building long lasting relationships with your customers. But there is a thin line between relationship building and intrusion. Data driven marketing allows you to being subtle and understanding customers without making yourself look like some creep, but how do you do that? Well, everything depends on the approaches you are using for data collection and that’s where customer identity management helps. It collects relevant data for your business while simultaneously respecting customer privacy by taking consent. Generally a CIM platform collects around 300 data points which can help you to provide personalized experience and segmentation. The tool helps you to convert your data driven marketing approaches into execution.

  1. Unified customer view creation :

It is definitely not a new trend but I have included it because still not many businesses have adapted it. Most of the businesses are still using unorganized data and that’s why unable to reap the benefits of the same. The customer of today is using more than one way to connect with you and the only way to offer them a unified customer customer across all the channels is to have a unified customer view. The challenge of centralizing data that you are getting from across the channels is big and customer identity management can help you out there. Customer identity management solution can centralize data from various channels to compile unified customer view. Single Sign-On is one of the key feature of a CIM solution that provides your users a single customer view across all of your web properties.

These are the few marketing trends that I have mentioned here. There are many others but customer identity management is the key that connects them together.


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