How Web SSO Help In Doing Business With Integrity?

In this competitive world, running a business successfully is not easy. Thinking only about your own business is not a good approach these days. To boom your business, it is must for you to collaborate with other business. Integrating your business with other related business has become a necessity today.

For example, if you own a leather company, integrating your business with a shoe company, bag manufacturers etc. plays a vital role in not only your growth but theirs too. Doing a business with integrity has become the new success mantra for businesses.

In order to achieve integration, there are lots of things needed to be integrated with technology, marketing efforts, and other resources.

Since the era has changed from traditional to digital, everything has gone digitized. The internet has changed the way customers are doing shopping, banking etc. To access the services they have to login to many websites. More the websites more will be the accounts and passwords to manage and remember.

Now imagine a situation where a user has to deal with a website let’s suppose he has to know his medical report of a hospital online. For this, he has to login to hospital’s website using his credentials. In the report, the doctor prescribed him some medicines. To purchase medicines, he needs to login to the related website. That means he needs another username and password. The situation will be worse if he has to login an another website to view his x-ray reports. A very frustrating situation, isn’t it?

Here comes a technology named web single sign-on solution to enhance the users’ experience. The solution simply eliminates the need for creating accounts on multiple websites. With Web SSO solution user can login to multiple accounts using only one username and password. By logging in to any of the websites, he gets the permission to access other for that particular session.


If the websites of the mentioned hospital were protected with the solution, the user does not need to create separate accounts to view his report, x-ray, and purchase medicine. He can login to all the websites simultaneously using one credential.  

The Web SSO makes the whole process simple, quick and most importantly frustration free. With a single click of the mouse, the user can access multiple web resources of the same business.

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