5 tips to make your email marketing campaigns successful!

Today email marketing can be considered as the cornerstone for your business progress, well I am not saying it, these stats says it.

  • There are 3.7 billion email users worldwide and around 269 billion emails are sent per day (in 2017).
  • It means 2.4 million emails are sent every second and around some 74 trillion emails are sent every year. (Source!)

Now I guess you will agree with me. So one thing is pretty clear that emails are the most powerful mediums for building relationships with the leads and is the ultimate source of gathering important data to improve your future boost in ROIs.

email marketing

Even after knowing all the importance of email marketing, many marketers fail to obtain the goals on the campaign’s returns in the end. If you are one of them and thinking of starting out another campaign with a high success factor then first have a look at below mentioned points:

Make an expert level copy!

If your email copy is not up to the mark, your click through rate is going to sink down anyway. Hence hiring a copywriter who is capable of writing an expert copy of your marketing emails is important more than anything. Inboxes are capable of bursting and people get thousands of emails daily so it is necessary that your copy of mail stands out and is clever, engaging and more.

Target your emails to the right audience!

The main reason behind failed email marketing campaigns is that many times marketers treat all their recipients the same. In the list of your recipients, there are people who love blue wallpaper but got the email featuring green one. Although people who like green were happy but this will make others alienated. So don’t make such mistakes and try to gather as much data as you can from multiple geographic locations based on customer buying habits. Give this data a good research and then divide your recipient list accordingly. This will surely get you your desired email open rate.

Make it easy to subscribe !

If no one has subscribed to your email newsletter then obviously there is no one to email to. So it is essential to make it really easy for your customers to subscribe. You can post a signup form at your home page, at your blog, your Facebook page or you can even use Twitter lead generation cards to give an option to subscribe.

SideNote: if you ask too much on your subscribe form, it might scare your visitors off. So DON’T ASK TOO MUCH at the first place.

Create catchy email subject lines!

If you can’t hook your customers with your subject lines, that’s it. You have lost your chance. In state of improving your email marketing campaigns, you need to put more focus on your subject lines. In email marketing they act like your elevator pitch. So basically you need a subject line, that is simple and concise and avoid using words like “free” and “discount” that gives your emails a spam look. Therefore go for a subject line that arouses a recipient’s interest and at the same time tells the truth.

Of all the marketing strategies, email marketing is most probably the easiest strategy to implement and it also costs you nothing. SO what are you waiting for? Start your campaigns today and start marketing your business today.


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