5 step guide to create buzz around your blog!

Buzz is one word every blogger chase after, reason being it implies more awareness and traffic! But another harsh reality is that word of mouth marketing can not be forced. Of Course the best way to get more word  of mouth is to provide awesome content but assuming you are already past that face, I am presenting here five step guide to create buzz around your blog :

  1. Participate in blogging communities :

Become an active member of your niche related forums and blogging communities. Whenever you write an interesting blog post, share it within these communities, it will expose your blog among a huge audience. Comments on other related blogs but don’t make it just formal. Either add some value or make some query! Also, keep track of the responses on your comments and posts.

  1. Build an effective outreach strategy :

Outreach is an excellent way to create buzz around your blog by exposing it among a huge audience. There are two ways to do this, the first one requires you to research and reach out to the influences in your niche who are not your direct competitors and ask them to feature your content in any possible form. While the other way is to use software like BuzzStream, NinjaOutreach, etc to automate the process. No matter which process you use, but if used properly, it can drive you some real results.

  1. Leverage Social Media :

Social Media is one surefire way to create buzz and boost traffic is properly leveraged. Social media and blogging often goes hand in hand. Make sure to build your online presence on almost every social media network where your audience hangs out. Build attractive pages and share your blog posts, unique images, videos, and what not! But don’t make it a self promotional platform, make sure to share others too. Apart from that, integrate social media to your own blog by adding social sharing widgets. These widgets will let your readers share your content within their social network with just single click thereby improving your social reach and creating buzz.

  1. Organize contests or give something of free:

FREE is one word that has tendency to attract every human being. So why not use this buzzword to create buzz around your blog. Offer something for free to your visitors in order to create brand awareness. Or the better, run a contest that gives your readers a chance to earn some exciting freebies. It can either be a small video tutorial or a free ebook, not much fancy but good enough to make your visitors stick around and build curiosity.

  1. Don’t feel ashamed of asking for feedbacks :

Last but definitely not the least, there is no better way than asking for feedback from your target audience. Take care of what your readers are saying about you. Ask them to share feedback either by survey or comments or by polls. It will help you to understand what is working for your business and what’s not.

So guys, these were my five step guide to create buzz around your blog. If you have any other tip that I missed, do mention in the comments below.


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