3 Tips for keeping your blog alive


After the boom of dotcom bubble, population of websites had kept on increasing. Today there are millions of websites and still this count increasing. Compared to old times, today there are different type of websites like a personal website, blog, ecommerce, forums, SaaS websites etc, who have competition in their respective type.

If we talk about a blog, blogs have a lot of competition among similar niches. In this fight of staying ahead, many blogs survive and many get offline.

In this post I will we will discuss 3 such methods to keep your blog alive.


First Tip is to explore and experiment

Due to so much competition, bloggers often copy each other content, rewrite it and publish. This indeed is the easiest way to keep content active on your blog but for readers it is the same thing which they read on other blog. Just like daily canteen food, you have nothing new to serve them.

Always try to give a new edge to your content and explore a bit about the topic. One of the best sources of information are forums and videos. Niche forums have a lot of information distributed among different categories, ready to be compiled and written.

Social media is yet another platform from where you can gain knowledge. Follow niche related people, join groups on social media and create content out of it.


Second tips is user experience

User experience is a major factor which decides whether your visitors will return back or not. It is the overall experience of a person using a service or product, in this case it is your website.

Many bloggers clutter their blog with many elements, like banner ads, follow widgets, text ads, etc. which blocks visitor’s view on main content.

Few of the best tips to improve user experience on blog are

  • Use minimalistic design and elements which give a clear view over content.
  • Decrease user efforts on your site. Don’t make them run around to find things.
  • Keep language easy to understand.

Third tip is website loading speed

A slow website is of no use. People are not patient enough to wait for site to load. If some people wait then their probability of coming back will decrease. Slow website increases bounce rates which is not a good sign for a blog.

These are three tips to keep your blog alive.

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