Rocketboost your customers with Quality Engagement.

How cool it be when your business starts getting sales , repeated sales every month. Sales are great but repeated sales are awesome. This means your products or services are getting loved and appreciated. Why repeated sales are Awesome? A Sale is considered as a repeated sale when a customer buys sale product more than… Read More »

How to be an Ideal Boyfriend to your Customers

Comparing customers to Girlfriend is not funny but when you see certain characteristics of both, comparisons is valid. Customers need regular attention before and after sales so as to maintain the relation between both, so as a Girlfriend. You constantly need to check up if things are right or something is bothering her. Sometimes it… Read More »

Single Sign On : New Age Registration Automation

Automation is the use of various control systems for operating equipment with minimal or reduced human intervention, according to wiki. In IT world automation definition is same, and the control system are softwares, which automate processes, whether it is uploading your pics on Facebook or complex BigData Analytics, things are automated and balanced. Single Sign… Read More »

Everything You Should Know About Multilingual SEO

Globalisation as well as the recent developments in technology (e.g. fast internet and mobile) pushed business owners into rethinking their online marketing strategies. Nowadays, a growing number of companies have realised the true potential which lies in a multilingual and international SEO campaigns. In fact, over 20% of UK based customers regularly purchase goods and… Read More »