Most popular PHP Frameworks

      Today there are lots of php frameworks on internet, used by numerous of developers. Out of surprise few of the frameworks has made it to the list. Laravel topping the list followed by Code Igniter, Symphony2,  CakePHP and Phalcon. Go through the info-graphic to know what made them in the top list.  … Read More »

Tips to Prevent Tax ID Fraud

The world has gone digital, and most of the services are accessed via internet. Just like identity In real life, internet also runs on identities. Due to increasing level of internet, cyber crimes also increased. Identity theft became a common cyber crime, hurting millions of internet users with leaving in physical and mental pain. Number… Read More »

Provide Secure Authentication With Two-Factor Authenticaton

Data breaches are common these days. Nothing is safe. Hackers are everywhere and any leak in security leads to a data breach. One of the best ways of avoiding such incidents is protecting resources with passwords (a strong one). But do you really think, only having a password is safe enough? What if I say,… Read More »