How Single Sign-On Saves You From Password Reuse?

Passwords are very important since they are like a gateway to all the resources we have. Our data is protected with these tiny little gates. Data is like treasure and data pirates are trying their best to get it. Although passwords are an important part to keep our data secure but because of complexity, they… Read More »

Life of a Successful Social Media Manager

    Managing time is very important.  Time is very precious. Here is a small but very informative infographic that explains how a social media manager can manage his/her time to get success.     Referance:

Rocketboost your customers with Quality Engagement.

How cool it be when your business starts getting sales , repeated sales every month. Sales are great but repeated sales are awesome. This means your products or services are getting loved and appreciated. Why repeated sales are Awesome? A Sale is considered as a repeated sale when a customer buys sale product more than… Read More »